So Sorry

Let me begin, appropriately, by apologizing for bringing the world yet another blog. I know I’m extremely late to the blog party — not fashionably late but “Really, you decided to show? Because people are actually starting to leave at this point” late. My excuse is that I took the time to put some thought into my blog topic. I’m not so interested in blogging about my daily meanderings and musings about whatever random thoughts pop into my head. And I know that you, Dear Reader, are even less interested in reading about them.

The blogs I find most interesting and readable have a focus, a point, a purpose. My favorite blogs are about politics, technology, science, buisness, law pop culture and social commentary. But, again, I don’t see the need to throw in my two cents worth about every topic out there. I have my opinions about the events and hot topics of the day, but feel certain you will be able make it through your own day without hearing them.

To make this blog interesting and worthwhile for me to write — and, hopefully, for you to read — I wanted to find a unique niche, an unusual slant, an underused lens for looking at current events. What I have chosen is … apologies. Specifically, apologies by public figures — politicians, celebrities, athletes, etc. — as well as official apologies by businesses, governments and other entities.  I believe there are enough people apologizing about enough things to sustain a blog about apologies. It might be a bit ragged at first — for which I apologize in advance — because I am truly making this up as I go along. I may analyze and dissect apologies. I may rate and rank them. Catagorize and sort them. I may just link to them. I really don’t know yet. But if you come along for the ride, I think this will be fun. So welcome to the Apology Index! Sorry about the mess.