Helen Thomas Non-Apology Apology for Hateful Anti-Semitic Comments

Helen Thomas has been in the White House press room longer than I’ve been alive — and probably longer than you’ve been alive. She’s certainly been there too long — and every day that passes is another day too long. She’s a bitter, hateful woman, as she so charmingly made clear with her recent statement that the Jews in Israel should “Get the hell out of Palestine” and go back “home” to Germany or Poland. Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQcQdWBqt14<br />

Unbelievable. While I’m sure the boys at Hamas and the nearest skinhead rally found her comments spot on, batty Helen has been pretty roundly condemned by most decent people, leading to her invevitable, and, quite grudging “apology”: (more…)


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