Stephen Colbert Apology to Canton, Kansas

Stephen Colbert continues the gag now apologizing to Canton, Kansas before proceeding to pick on yet another Canton — this time Canton, South Dakota.

Now we have no idea how long Colbert will run with this gag, apologizing to one town while insulting the next. It is amusing to watch some of the people in each Canton — people who clearly don’t get the joke — take offense.

Brilliant satirist that he is, Colbert is making some sort of important point about our media culture and the cheap throwaway apologies that we so often see … and which Apology Index often covers. Being less brilliant, I’m not entirely sure what his point is … but I am sure it is both funny and true.

Other commentary:

KTKA News: “Stephen Colbert delivers low blow to Canton”

Wichita Eagle blog

Athena of Writing Athena gets it … but then she IS the goddess of wisdom. She says:

Never mind that the main target of Stephen
Colbert’s satire was not Canton, Kansas (any more than it was
previously Canton, Georgia), but rather TV talk show pundits like Bill
O’Reilly, whose rare “apologies” are really elaborate attempts at
self-justification which contain more barbs than balm.

Go read the rest.

Stephen Colbert Apology to Canton, Georgia

Mock media personality Stephen Colbert apologizes for offhanded insult to Canton, Georgia. The apology is about as real as the original offense, but considering the way Colbert (who hails from South Carolina) often takes potshots at neighboring Georgia, even a fake apology is noteworthy.

And hey! Free publicity for Canton, Georgia.

The Radio + TV blog on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution site comments on the story:

Holy backtrack, Batman! Stephen Colbert has issued what he termed a
“rare” apology for last week’s “crappy Canton” comment that “puzzled”
mayor Gene Hobgood.

“Evidently, I offended some people because two days later, I saw this
in the Atlanta Journal Constitution,” Colbert said in his Wednesday
night broadcast. My colleague Jamie Gumbrecht’s print story is shown on
screen and he reads the headline “Colbert’s ‘crappy Canton’ comment
puzzles mayor.”

“Seems the mayor of Canton Georgia was none too happy with me,” he continued.

“It’s clear to me he has not been to Canton Georgia,” Hobgood says in a video clip from WXIA-TV.

“You’re absolutely right, Mayor Hobgood” Colbert said, to laughs. “I
haven’t. But I hear it’s a beautiful place. Nestled in the scenic Blue
Ridge Mountains, Canton is the fastest growing city in Georgia. It has
so much to offer like the Canton Historical Theater and the HIckory
Creek log dam. Not to mention oxygen and paved roads.”

“Yes, Canton Georgia, a wonderful place to live. So again, Mayor Hobgood. I apologize.”

“Why did I call your lovely city crappy? A simple mixup. I meant Canton, Kansas.”

Which town he goes on to insult gratuitously and in great detail.

Here is video: