OJ Simpson Apology for Armed Robbery. (But not the other thing.)

After being convicted of kidnap and armed robbery for his role in a 2007 hotel room confrontation with a memorabilia dealer, O.J. Simpson made this apology and plea for leniency in sentencing:

The judge, alas for O.J., was unmoved, and sentenced him to up to 33 years behind bars. Said Judge Glass:

Earlier in this case, at a bail hearing, I asked — said — to Mr.
Simpson I didn’t know if he was arrogant or ignorant or both. And
during the trial and through this proceeding, I got this answer, and it
was both.

When you take a gun with you and you take men with you to show in a
show of force, that’s not just a hey, give me my stuff back. That’s
something else. And that’s what went on here. And that’s why we are all
here because this is not behavior that we can just say, oops, it’s OK,
no problem, don’t worry. No harm, no foul.

(Full transcript of the judge’s statement here)

I’m not going to waste much time commenting on Mr. Simpson or his apology. It speaks for itself.

Never mind the apology he really needs to make.

Time for O.J. to go away.