Ahmadinejad Demand for Apology Denied by President Obama

Iranian thug, bully, tyrant, probably not re-elected but still in office President Ahmadinejad issued a demand for U.S. President Barack Obama to apologize for criticism of Iran’s brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters.

Not likely.

From the Washington Post:

In Washington, President Obama Friday condemned recent violence against protesters as “outrageous” and dismissed a demand by Iran’s president that he apologize for similar previous comments. Obama suggested that it was President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who should be apologizing to Iranian victims and their families for the violent actions of security forces.

Ow! In your face, Mahmoud!

Said President Obama:

“I don’t take Mr. Ahmadinejad seriously about apologies, particularlygiven the fact that the United Stats has gone out of its way not tointerfere with the election process in Iran.” He said Ahmadinejadshould “think carefully” about his “obligations to his own people,”notably the “families of those who have been beaten, shot or detained.”

Glad to see the global Obama apology tour has its limits.

Obama Apology to Nancy Reagan

President-elect Barack Obama learned in his first post-election press conference that as President (and even President-to-be) his every public utterance will be scrutinized, analyzed, reinterpreted, and exploited.

In the course of noting that he has, of course, spoken with all of the ex-presidents as he prepares to assume the Oval Office, Obama made an off-hand joke about not holding any Nancy Reagan type séances to conjure up dead presidents:

A more or less harmless quip coming from, say, Jay Leno. But hot water for our next President, for several reasons:

  • Nancy Reagan is a presidential widow. And in poor health at that.
  • More importantly, while Mrs. Reagan was dinged for consulting astrologers during her time in the White House, she didn’t conduct any séances.
  • That was actually First Lady Hillary Clinton, conversing with the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt with the aid of some New Age consultant type. (In fairness, Hillary didn’t hold a séance either — it was more of a creative exercise: “What would Eleanor Roosevelt say if you could speak to her?” But still goofy enough for ridicule.)

Quickly realizing his error, President-elect Senator The One Obama (thank goodness he’ll be down to just one title come January 20) phoned Mrs. Reagan to apologize for “the careless and offhanded remark,” Obama transition team spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter said. (CNN)

I’m sure it won’t be Obama’s last apology, but it is certainly better for him to learn now that he must choose his words more carefully. The campaign spotlight was bright, but he’s about to walk into a supernova of attention.