Angelina Jolie Apology to Fox News

So apparently actress, orphan collector and international sex symbol Angelina Jolie last week banned FOX News from covering the premiere of her new film A Mighty Heart.  FOX News caught up with her to ask why:

PORTER BARRY: Ms. Jolie, I’m with FOX News. Why did you ban — Ms. Jolie, why did you ban FOX News from your premiere last night?

JOLIE: I didn’t. I didn’t.

BARRY: Could you tell us what happened, Ms. Jolie?

JOLIE: There was a memo that I went [sic] out and I did not see.


And I am sorry for the excessive manner that it was done in. And I had
my representatives apologize to me this morning for their manner.

BARRY: So did you know that they were banning FOX News last night?

JOLIE: I did not.


As with Senator Obama’s campaign yesterday, her staff sent out a memo that she never saw. She says. I love this perfect celebrity apology from the perfect celebrity: “I had nothing to do with whatever your insignificant little problem is, FOX News. My people sent out a memo. I don’t read the memos my people send because I have people to read them for me. I am not sorry they banned you. I am sorry they banned you in an excessive manner. I made my people have apologize to me for doing so and I am satisfied with their apology. To me.”

She’s dreamy.

FOX News why are you bothering Ms. Jolie? Why are you breathing her air? Don’t you have a missing blonde to cover?

DATE OF APOLOGY: June 1?, 2007
APOLOGIZER: Angelina Jolie’s representatives
APOLOGIZEE: Angelina Jolie
FOR: That silly memo. Excessive banning.