All Apologies, All the Time

Like the cicadas which burrow into the ground to sleep for years at a time, only to emerge at the appointed time and descend like a plague, Apology Index is back after a long hiatus.

Your Apologist apologizes for his long absence. I know there have been many spectacular apologies over the last five years in dire need of comment and analysis. We may do an Apology Flashback or two to cover the biggest apologies we’ve missed, but with an endless gushing stream of new misdeeds, grievances, and regrets to cover, that probably won’t happen often.

For those who came in late, Apology Index covered the world of public apologies from 2007-2009, dissecting the apologies of companies, celebrities, athletes, politicians, governments, and others. Our aim is to both enlighten and entertain, with an occasional nod at being thoughtful and deep about the philosophical and practical issues of regret and forgiveness.

But not too deep.

Where did Apology Index go? Nowhere, really. Apology Index was your Apologist’s first experiment with blogging. Having taught himself the basics, he moved on to other endeavors. But the call of the apology beat was ever in his heart, so now he’s back and we’re glad you’re along for the ride. Being a bit rusty, we’ll dip our toe in slowly.

The first step was moving all the old Apology Index posts over to this shiny new WordPress site. The paint is still fresh, and there are still a few tweaks to be made to get things ship-shape. Consider this a soft launch.

In the right side column you can sign up to receive new posts by email. You can also follow AI on Twitter : @ApologyIndex and on Tumblr: if that’s your thing. (Not sure about Tumblr, but I’m giving it a try. Every post here should flow over there too.)

For now, I’d suggest reading the old posts to get a feel for Apology Index. (I’ll be doing the same, actually, as I have little recollection of what I wrote…)

Got anything to add?